Make Grammar Fun With a Word With You



 Effrontery: behavior or an attitude that is so bold or arrogant as to be insulting

 Late 17th cent.: from French effronterie, based on late Latin effrons, effront- ‘shameless, barefaced,’ from ex- ‘out’ + frons ‘forehead

This is one of those words that is just not used enough. Which is a shame since it’s been around so long. And it has forehead in it! The idea of effrontery is certainly with us, just read the tabloids in the supermarket line sometime.

Teachers, this is a great word to explore with your students. Challenge them to think of examples of effrontery. It shouldn’t be hard. Then get them writing about it.

Grammar Punk Sentence: D E 3 effrontery

Appalled at the sheer effrontery of the number of zombies, Jessica vowed to never attend another costume party in this lifetime.

Give it a try. Write a Grammar Punk sentence using at least 3 words with the letters D and E and the word effrontery.