Teaching Grammar with Office Supplies

Ah, Office Supplies…

Everyone has a weakness, whether it’s the latest fashions, shoes, maybe cars or jewelry. For me it’s office supplies. I am totally transfixed by the rainbow of Post-Its, arrays of markers, spectrum of cardstock, and don’t get me started on the variety of paperclips, pushpins, and rubber bands. I think it’s the possibilities they offer, the potential. I look at a freshly sharpened pencil and I picture the words flowing across a clean sheet of white (or pink, yellow, orange, green…) paper.

One of my earliest—and fondest memories is opening a brand new box of Crayola crayons (the big one) and just being transfixed by not only the assortment  of hues but also by the names of those colors; midnight blue, magenta, spruce, soldier blue, bittersweet, periwinkle. Those names sent my imagination soaring and sparked my once and future love of office supplies.

My back to school days are behind me but I never fail to get a zing at this time of year just thinking about a spanking new backpack, clean new notebooks, a fresh pack of Bics,  a set of neon highlighters… I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Which is probably why, as we were creating our Grammar Punk Programs to add a little (lot!) fun and color to the teaching of grammar, my love of both office supplies and colors crept in. Big time. The six specially designed Grammar Punk dice were created to not only introduce and ingrain punctuation with a purpose but to spark the imagination. Ditto the (many) card sets whose bright colors and funky print were designed to light the fire of creativity in your students. Just like that long ago big box of Crayola’s did for me. It’s all about the office supplies.

Go to www.grammarpunk.com to find out how to make grammar fun.