Get Into Grammar with You’re and Your

You’re vs. Your

 It’s easy to get confused. When you’re writing along and the words are flowing and ideas are cooking those words that sound the same and look pretty darned close and can be confusing! You’re and your are certainly classics in the confusing department.

As duh as this one seems it is also one of the most common of the commonly confuseds. It’s also one that I myself have noticed spell-checkers screw up. I’ve come to be healthily skeptical of spell-checkers. So, once and for all:

 You’re is a contraction meaning you are.

Your is a possessive pronoun meaning it belongs to you.

To keep this one straight, simply say to yourself: You are versus your. If “you are” doesn’t fit the sentence then you know that your is the correct choice. And just to prove my point, the spell-checker I’m using is telling me I really want to use the other form. Puphaw on spell-checkers I say.

Grammar Punk Examples:

N O 4 | You’re not honestly going to wear that skirt in this snowstorm, are you?

R E 2 | Your knees will surely freeze!

Write your own sentence using these commonly confused words. Teachers, challenge your students to play with these two words. Write sentences with blanks to fit them and challenge them to insert the correct word. Then write a bunch of Grammar Punk sentences.

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