Get Spooky with Interjections and Grammar Punk

Who knew grammar could be so scary. Words can be every bit as scary as images, best of all they last longer. Interjections are especially effective when conveying emotions, especially creepy emotions.

We think this spooky time of year is the perfect opportunity to explore creepy interjections

Eek, you collect vampire bats? Wow, I didn’t know you were a warlock. Yikes, I think that thing is moving. Yippee, we got tickets to the horror movie. Drat, my mummy is coming unraveled. Dang, the eels have escaped again. Drat, Frankenstein is getting upset. Oops, I seem to have misplaced my pet tarantula. Gee, I really love your wart. Man, I better get to work on my GP Creeper story! Boo! You’re next!

Teachers, explore this creepy concept with your students. Examine some of their favorite terrifying tales. Challenge them to introduce their own icky interjections into spooky sentences. Then put those sentence into short stories, book reports, personal narratives or poems and enter them in the 9th Annual GP Creeper Writing Contest. Go to for all the ghoulish details.