Make Your Writing Crunchy with Grammar Punk

Crunchy writing

If you’ve ever watched a cable cooking show you’ve no doubt heard the expression “we eat with our eyes.” Okay, on the surface that just sounds… disturbing but it’s also a nicely stated metaphor. If we like what we see on our plates we’ll likely enjoy the taste of it more.

The senses should always be consulted when writing—certainly creative writing. I heard the phrase “crunchy writing” the other day and fell in love! I instantly thought of sarcastic, abrasive, no-nonsense, even rude and I had a character all lined up. Just as words like mushy, salty, tart, cold, stiff and sharp evoke an immediate image of the writer, the character or the story to follow.

As a writer, if you are feeling, hearing, seeing, tasting and smelling the things you’re writing about your reader will too. Write crunchy!

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