Create Grammar Fun…With Fog


I like fog. And I hate fog.

It’s winter and that means that at least here and there, usually very early and very late, there will be fog. Sometimes it’s just thickenough to obscure distance, occasionally that distance extends to the front bumper of your car. I’ve driven in fog, I know how to drive in fog, therefore fog doesn’t necessarily frighten me. Necessarily. Except when it does.

I happened to be in an area I was not terribly familiar with the other night, it was dark and the fog was of the distant variety, not terribly thick, just thick enough, it turns out to be completely disorienting.

Let me preface this exchange with the fact that I have a good sense of direction. I rarely get lost and when I do I always manage to find my way because of that sense of direction thing.

Except for the fog thing. For the first time in longer than I can remember I was lost, really lost. Worse, I had completely lost my sense of direction. I mean completely. I was positive I was headed south only to find that I was going east! And on and on. I eventually managed to find my way back home but only after much longer than I liked and only after completely destroying my confidence in my ability to always find my way.

The stupid fog!

It wasn’t until I was finally safely home that I realized how badly the fog had screwed up my sense of direction. I literally couldn’t see my landmarks, get my bearings, see any of the familiar things I’d grown accustomed to seeing. The fog messed up the whole picture which is how I got lost and it wasn’t really my fault and so I hate fog. For now.

Stephen King wrote a very memorable and all too familiarly disturbing little missive called The Mist. In the mist were very large, very vicious, very unpredictable creatures who would eat you like as not. And while I don’t believe there are creatures in the fog, I wouldn’t be absolutely asonished to find that there were.

Then again, there is nothing quite as cools as taking a walk in really deep, impenetrable fog. The whole world seems to disappear around you and the trees are coated with this incredibly intricate and delicate covering of frosty rime.

Just don’t try driving anywhere.