Make Grammar Fun with Grammar Punk…and Driving

Driving Me Crazy!

In case I haven’t mentioned it, I have a bit of a commute on my way to work every morning. This is not unusual for me, I live in a small enough town that heading out of town for a job is pretty much the norm. Which means there are just as many folks just like me on the road doing the same thing at the same time.

Which leads me to the topic of this blog: other drivers.

I think I’ve mentioned that I prefer to make my daily commute on a highway versus a freeway. This is precisely because of other drivers. If they’re not tailgating they’re swerving in too close as they change lanes, swerving in and out of their lanes or just generally scaring the crap right out of me.

The highway is less…annoying.

But it too has its…challenges. And nitwits.

I call one particular class “Slammers”.  Now I’ve mentioned before that tailgating is one of my worst pet peeves and it is. Because of course it’s not just an annoyance, it’s a huge danger and one of the reasons for so many accidents. Those ten, twenty, thirty car pileups you hear about? They can’t happen unless the majority of folks caught in them weren’t following too closely too each other to be able to stop before whacking into one another. So yes, I hate tailgating. And the gaters. And I don’t do it. Ever.

Which brings me to the “Slammers.” These are the folks that drive in front of you who are inevitably following the people in front of them too closely which, when the inevitable slow-down, traffic build-up, flat tire, whathaveyou happens, the Slammers don’t have enough time or distance to do anything but…guessed it, slam on their brakes. Which causes me to do the same. Thank goodness for my propensity to allow plenty of bumper room in front of me or I would have had a good half-dozen collisions to my name this year alone.

Teachers of English, grammar, and writing, here’s a writing prompt for you. Ask your students to write about their driving pet peeves—even if they don’t drive yet. Believe me, if they’ve ridden in a car they’re bound to have some stories. We want to hear yours too. So have them write and then share.