Teach Writing with Grammar Punk

When does the teaching of writing begin? Not just book reports or essays or filling in worksheets and tests, what about creating something of their very own type of writing? It seems that writing to create something new is being lost as teachers are finding that, “I’m just trying to get my students to write simple sentences, they’re not ready for creative writing.” This is where much of the inspiration for Grammar Punk came from; the mother of invention…


With Grammar Punk you’ll find that they’re already writing creatively, now you just need to focus the skills they’re already exhibiting.


It all begins with words. The Grammar Punk dice make students more aware of the words they create. Using specific words (of their own creation) in sentences makes students use their imaginations to make the word fit. Therefore, creating an imaginative sentence makes students want to ask… What happens next?


Tips for introducing the concept of creative writing

  • Students are creating stories even if they haven’t begun putting them together on paper
  • Introduce the concepts as elements not as a whole (scary) lump of information
  • Offer students idea-generators to get the story started
  • Remember: Words into sentences, sentence into scenes, and scenes into stories