Teaching grammar should be fun.

Remember when learning grammar meant reading, correcting, and rewriting already created sentences from a 20 year old text book? Remember rote memorizations of rules, correcting dorky sentences, and, gulp, diagramming sentences? Good news, Grammar Punk is here. Just imagine announcing to your students, “It’s time for grammar lessons,” and having them respond with cheers instead of moans and groans. Impossible you say. Not with Grammar Punk.

The creator of Grammar Punk is a high school English teacher who noticed that not much had changed in the way basic grammar and punctuation was taught—and that this was not a good thing, not for him as a teacher, nor his students. Thus, Grammar Punk™ was born.

How is Grammar Punk different from other grammar games?

A. Grammar Punk is a unique, innovative, and entirely unexpected method of teaching the same old grammar and punctuation. Grammar Punk introduces, explicates, reinforces, and cements grammar and punctuation by combining it with students’ own writing. Grammar Punk Programs offer the best of grammar lessons, grammar exercises, English games, and ELL games.

The real beauty of Grammar Punk is that while students are learning to create Metaphor and Similes, basic grammar and punctuation is reinforced. While tackling Verb Tenses, basic grammar and punctuation is embedded. While exploring Sentence Types, basic grammar and punctuation is entrenched. While trying their hand at poetry…you get the idea.

What do I need to teach Grammar Punk?

The Grammar Punk Programs are sold in a kit format. Each K-9 and 9-12 programs of grammar lessons, grammar exercises, English, and ELL games contain everything an individual teacher needs to teach their Language Arts students for an entire year.

The Grammar Punk K-9 and 9-12 Programs come complete with 5 basic elements: Teacher resources, student resources and worksheets, interaction tools (Grammar Punk Dice and/or Cards), and an introductory CD. There are no further purchases necessary to teach every student for an individual teacher.

Why play grammar games with your students?

A. Making grammar lessons fun allows students to practice as well as internalize rules and procedures as a natural extension of their writing process. Because the grammar lesson is disguised as a “word game” students are much more motivated to “play.” In addition, because students are more focused on their own performance and classroom competition the grammar lessons are absorbed and become part of student repertoire.

The introduction of grammar play in the classroom may also foster teacher‐student as well as peer‐ topeer bonding and cooperation. A healthy sense of competition will also be fostered in the classroom. And because game play adds fun and laughter to a classroom, students will want to play more, which only reinforces the grammar lessons through sheer repetition.

What kinds of grammar games work best in the classroom?

A. When choosing grammar games for your classroom beware of games that are intended only as “timefillers” and do not also affect or improve student writing. Simple, entertaining games may be entertaining and enjoyable to students, but game‐play in classrooms should also teach.

Because each and every grammar lesson in the Grammar Punk programs revolve around the interplay of dice and cards which introduce and constantly reinforce the grammatical elements, Grammar Punk feels like a game, but teaches every step of the way.

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