4-9 Intermediate Curriculum

PhotoGP™ 4-9 has a strong emphasis on vocabulary building, critical thinking, building logic and problem-solving skills, strengthening writing skills and most of all, FUN. The fun is built right into the program with activities, games, puzzles and challenges interspersed among the daily lessons.  

4-9 Intermediate Story Cards

Photo This small book will give you a brief introduction to the 66 Story Cards a well as ideas and suggestions for implementing them in your individual classrooms. The imagination, zeal, cooperation, enthusiasm, and fun are up to you and your students!

4-9 Intermediate Cards

PhotoThe 4-9 Story cards are already cut, laminated and ready to use—no templates! The 4-9 Cards (Naming Names, Character-Istics, Occupations, Themes, Settings, sentences, Scenes and Stories) will offer literally hundreds of ideas for sentence and story creation.

4-9 Intermediate Dice

PhotoBecause they are required to fulfill specific requirements, students are challenged, even compelled, to give much more thought to their word, grammar and punctuation choices, thus learning grammar in the context of their own writing. 

What Teachers Have To Say About GrammarPunk™ 4 - 9

Grammar Punk 4-9 is up and running for our grades 6-8 classroom and the results are fantastic! They are learning and loving it, and it’s great to teach as well. Thank you for making what will be a great year of English for our school kids.
—Robert Kemble, Choteau, MT

My kids absolutely love the grammar punk. We just began so are doing the vowel, consonant, and number dice so far, but will soon be moving on to others. Somehow the kids talked me into just doing grammar punk for one whole class period and we had a ball! Even my reluctant students enjoy it!! Thanks
Virginia Hale, Montana

“What a motivation! My 8th graders don’t groan!"
–Peggy K.