9 - 12 Secondary Curriculum

PhotoGrammar Punk 9-12 provides a thorough and comprehensive review of Language Arts, (everything from alliteration, agreement, and contractions to gerunds and participles), the 8 parts of speech and punctuation with an emphasis on propagating strong writing skills (metaphor, topic sentences, theme, poetry and business letters) and enough challenges and games to keep student interest and enthusiasm.  

9 - 12 Secondary Worksheets

PhotoEach worksheet contains an introduction to the lesson with: stated objectives that briefly outline the goals and purpose for the exercise, brief, at-a-glance summary detailing the requirements of the lesson, step-by-step procedures, a clearly stated purpose, and a literary excerpt pertaining specifically to the lesson. 

9 - 12 Secondary Dice

PhotoThe Grammar Punk Dice allow grades 9-12 to stretch their vocabularies, explore their creativity, and really soar with word choice, sentence structure while giving them something to write about. This is why Grammar Punk™ is just as effective for first grade students as it is for students in graduate school.

9 - 12 Secondary Cards

PhotoThe Grammar Punk™ 9-12 Secondary IDEA cards offer students literally hundreds of ideas to add incredible writing skills to their Language Arts repertoire.

What Teachers Have To Say About GrammarPunk™
9 - 12

My student’s vocabularies are growing exponentially as they try to find the longest word, the word no one else knows, the most words, etc. Great program. Keep up the good work.
—Roehr Tina, Meridian, Idaho

I love working with the materials. In 20 years of teaching grammar, I have never had students beg to play "the grammar game." What a great idea. Thank you so much for making grammar fun. Dee Allen-Kirkhouse
–Martinez, CA

“Grammar Punk helped me learn how to use my punctuation. It forced me to think about the different rules and the way they are used.”
Kelcie M. 11th grade