PhotoGP Creative is written in lesson-plan format with easy-to-understand, and fun-to-follow instructions that will take your students through a complete creative writing course. The basic elements of story are explored as students explore character, setting, plotting, emotion, conflict, and denouement. It will light a fire under the imagination, tickle the funny bone, and engender a positive passion for writing.

GPCreative™ Cards

PhotoThe GP Creative Cards offer students and teachers a dizzying, nearly infinite array of creativity-inspiring, plot-building, imagination-stirring ideas that will enable them to incorporate the concepts learned in the lessons and activities.

What Teachers Have To Say About GPCreative™

 “It is adaptable to any level (k-12). It actively involves/ engages students in learning and using their own writing, AND it is affordable.”
Vickie B.

A Word From The GrammarPunk Creators:

GP Creative is a creative writing course presented in courses, complete with lesson plans, writing challenges, and brainstorming tools. We’ve done all the work for you.
-GrammarPunk™ Creators