K-3 Elementary Curriculum

PhotoIt is during these crucial learning years that students learn to love—or detest—the concepts of basic grammar and punctuation and by extension, writing. Grammar Punk K-3 allows students to learn the basics of letter and word formation at their own pace. The dice and cards offer fun and interactive instruction that will feel more like play, which is perfect for an introduction to this daunting subject.

K-3 Elementary Worksheets

PhotoEach worksheet contains an introduction to the lesson with: stated objectives that briefly outline the goals and purpose for the exercise, brief, at-a-glance summary detailing the requirements of the lesson, step-by-step procedures, and a clearly stated purpose. 

K-3 Elementary Cards

PhotoThe 106 K-3 Elementary cards are already cut, laminated and ready to use—no templates! The K-3 Cards (Names, Jobs, Places, Colors, Sounds, Taste & Smell, Feelings, Nouns, Verbs, Vowel Pairs, Consonant Blends, Compound Words, Homonyms, Word Order, Contractions, Ending in ed, er, ing, and Sentences) will offer students an immediate and visual way to learn important concepts.

K-3 Elementary Dice

PhotoUsing the Grammar Punk dice will reinforce the basic concepts of consonants and vowels, moving on to words, words into sentences, as well as the basic rules of grammar and punctuation.

What Teachers Have To Say About GrammarPunk™ K-3

 “It is adaptable to any level. It actively involves/engages students in learning and using their own writing, AND it is affordable.”
Vickie B.

“Grammar Punk is a non-threatening way to get students to learn all aspects of grammar.”
—Gayle D.