Summer—as a Kid and Not

Posted by Shari Thayn on

Summer—as a kid and not

Summer, ah summer. I used to literally live for summer’s coming. As a kid. From January 2 on it was a countdown to summer and namely, summer vacation. Because of course that was the double whammy of it all, SUMMER VACATION. Not just beautiful warm hot days lazing around a pool, hiking in the mountains, riding bikes, playing hopscotch (one of my all-time favorites) and on and on and on, summer was endless, summer was freedom, summer was there waiting. And altogether too short.

I didn’t realize it then but that idyll called summer was indeed destined to be short-lived. Who knew that as I grew older summer would lose that magical, ethereal feel? Who knew that I would even come to resent (if only slightly) the idea of summer? Who knew, as a kid, counting the school days as they crept closer to the end of May, that there would come a time, all too soon, that would end the concept of a summer stretching before you? What kid knows (in the front of their head) that summer happens without you?

How many of us adults find ourselves peering wistfully out of our office windows at the deep blue sky, cotton candy clouds and endless days? And aren’t those days just longer than they rightfully should be? So if you’re still young enough for summer vacation to mean SUMMER VACATION, don’t squander it. Relish it, be cognizant of it, enjoy every minute of it because adulthood is calling.