The Socratic Method

Posted by Shari Thayn on

The Socratic Method—questions and answers

It all goes back to Socrates. The Socratic Method is a form of inquiry and debate among individuals with opposing viewpoints based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking. Eh? In other words, it’s a way to come to a conclusion by tossing out commonly held truths or thoughts that shape opinions and analyzing them to determine if they fit with the conclusions.

Grammar can feel very Socratic. And not necessarily in a good way, which is too bad. The thing with grammar, at least the thing that most of us should be concerned about is having a nice, firm, workable grasp of grammar. Getting too Socratic with this concept is what leads to that disapproving moue of condescension when one uses the debatably wrong tense or me instead of I or visa versa. Grammar should be friendlier because, believe it or not, grammar is our friend. A really good friend. One that’s been around as long as the language has been the language.

So, let’s just leave Socrates out of it.