What kinds of grammar games work best in the classroom?

Posted by Shari Thayn on

If you’ve visited our site, www.grammarpunk.com you know that we specialize in programs and products that will take grammar from the subject students dread to one of their favorites. We do that by putting the learning process back where it belongs: into student’s hands. Literally. They learn by doing, not reiterating, diagramming, or flogging the same old material from 20 year old textbooks. We made the teaching and learning of grammar feel more like a game.

 When choosing grammar games for your classroom beware of games that are intended only as “time-fillers” and do not also affect or improve student writing. Simple, entertaining games may be entertaining and enjoyable to students, but game-play in classrooms should also teach. 

 Because each and every grammar lesson in the Grammar Punk™ programs revolve around the interplay of dice and cards which introduce and constantly reinforce the grammatical elements, Grammar Punk™ feels like a game, but teaches every step of the way. 


I’ll give you more insights into the concepts and how we got from A to B to C as we go along. Wanna play too?