Grammar Punk 9-12 Secondary & Friends

The Grammar Punk™ 9-12 Curriculum and Dice Program will provide a thorough and comprehensive review of Language Arts, (everything from alliteration, agreement, and contractions to gerunds and participles), the 8 parts of speech and punctuation (covered intensively in the Grammar Punk™ 9-12 Primer and through additional peer-editing lessons), with an emphasis on propagating strong writing skills (metaphor, topic sentences, theme, poetry and business letters) and enough challenges and games to keep student interest and enthusiasm. Grammar Punk™ 9-12 also includes a section of ELL lessons and games.

In conjunction with our fun, colorful, comprehensive and interactive 9-12 Spelling/Vocabulary Program, Grammar Punk is all you need.

Additional sets of our amazing Grammar Punk Dice are available. Peer and group play will add to the effectiveness and the fun.

Grammar Punk
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Grammar Punks
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Grammar Punks
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