The Fabulous, Specialized, Irresistible Grammar Punk Dice

The Creative, Inspiring, Imaginative, Original, Resourceful, Ingenious, Innovative, Artistic, Quick-Witted, Compulsive and Fun-Filled Grammar Punk Dice

See what we're all about.

The Grammar Punk™ Dice do more than make teaching and learning grammar fun. The dice break the complexities of grammar and punctuation into bite-size elements. Growing with the use of the dice, students will tackle one concept at a time until the rules and concepts are part of their natural writing repertoire.

  • Using the Grammar Punk™ Dice takes grammar from boring and complicated to fun and memorable
  • The Grammar Punk™ Dice introduce the grammar and punctuation concepts one at a time
  • The Grammar Punk™ Dice allow students to “get” the concepts at their own pace
  • In combination with the GP K-3, 4-9, and 9-12 Programs the concepts are introduced, reinforced, and reiterated again and again so students remember what they learn
  • The Grammar Punk™ Dice spark creativity and strengthen vocabulary
  • The Grammar Punk™ Dice make the learning feel more like a game


It's All About the Writing

Whatever negative connotations the teaching (and learning) of has accumulated over the years, it's innate goal remains the same: strong writing skills. 

The secret to Grammar Punk is that the basic rules of grammar and punctuation are intrinsically tied to the writing process. Every lesson, exercise, concept requires student participation as they form their own sentences following the rules of the dice roll. 


“The past is always tense, the future perfect.”