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Frequently Asked Questions!

How is Grammar Punk™ different from other Grammar products?

  1. Grammar Punk™ is about more than just grammar and punctuation; it also covers a thorough application of Language Arts subject. Teachers can feel confident all the bases are covered.
  2. Grammar Punk™ is academically rigorous enough to give students mastery of grammar rules and sentence structure.
  3. Grammar Punk™ believes it is more important for students to learn to write their own sentences rather than waste time and energy learning to diagram someone else’s.
  4. Grammar Punk™ offers an interactive, kid-friendly approach to this difficult subject, which is ideal for kids who hate grammar. Because Grammar Punk™ makes the process fun it might even make grammar their favorite subject.
  5. Grammar Punk™ puts it all together: grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and writing skills all together in one fun, incredibly effective, easy to use program.
  6. The Grammar Punk™ lessons are easy to teach because they are all scripted.
  7. The format for each lesson for both the teacher and the students is the same,
  8. Grammar Punk™ is straightforward and no-nonsense. Students will provide their own creativity, using their own interests and enthusiasm with no pre-fab material that gets old fast
  9. The student worksheets and teacher keys are organized in the same sequence which makes it easy to follow. This also means there are no further purchases necessary.
  10. The lessons are scripted in such a way that allows adaptability and flexibility.
  11. Each lesson includes a clear objective, lesson overview, exercise, and focus.
  12. The lesson instructions and overviews are concise and easy to encompass so teachers can get on with the lesson.
  13. Each Grammar Punk™ contains an index to make finding what you’re looking for easy.
  14. Each Grammar Punk™ program contains a bevy of activities, challenges, games, and diversions that teach while students think they’re playing. Which makes it perfect for students of every level.

Grammar Punk™ is a way to teach punctuation in context. Not much else has worked for a large group setting.‖ —Lisa S.

  • Make sure that your students understand what is meant by the study of grammar—the eight parts of speech, usage, agreement, and so on.
  • Don’t overwhelm students with too much grammar too often. Find out which skills give your students the most problems and focus your instruction accordingly.
  • Use the students’ own writing as much as possible.
  • Offer students practice adding and changing information in sentences that they have already created.
  • Remember that students learn grammar and punctuation best in the context of their own writing. (Writers INC, 2001) 

How is Grammar Punk™ different from other grammar games?

A. Grammar Punk™ is a unique, innovative, and entirely unexpected method of teaching the same old grammar and punctuation. Grammar Punk™ introduces, explicates, reinforces, and cements grammar and punctuation by combining it with students’ own writing. The Grammar Punk™ Programs offer the best of grammar lessons, grammar exercises, English games, and ELL games. The real beauty of Grammar Punk™ is that while students are learning to create Metaphor and Similes, basic grammar and punctuation is reinforced. While tackling Verb Tenses, basic grammar and punctuation is embedded. While exploring Sentence Types, basic grammar and punctuation is entrenched. While trying their hand at poetry...you get the idea. ―Grammar Punk helps my classroom by adding a twist of fun to the grammar curriculum.‖ —Nicole M..

How will the Grammar Punk™ programs help me with the core Language Arts requirements?

A. They talked, we listened. The Grammar Punk™ programs were all carefully designed to align with the requirements set forth by the Standards for the English Language Arts, sponsored by NCTE and IRA, Vickie Spandel’s 6 + 1 Traits, and the National Writing Project. Grammar Punk™ will not only offer a sound instruction in the basics of grammar and punctuation, it will improve student’s writing skills exponentially. “Grammar Punk is a fun way to get kidlets to explore and practice grammar skills.” —Marcie G.

How is Grammar Punk™ different from other grammar lesson curriculum programs?

A. Grammar Punk™ does not depend on lectures, lengthy discourse or discussion of rules and rote memorization. Grammar Punk™ is first and foremost about student participation. Extensive studies have shown that unless students are directly involved in the grammar lessons, they will have difficulty applying and retaining even the most basic grammar and punctuation rules—and their writing will suffer. Check out our research. Grammar Punk™ will get your students involved, interacting, participating and having a great time doing it. We promise. “Grammar Punk is a non-threatening way to get students to learn all aspects of grammar.” –Gayle D.

What do I need to teach Grammar Punk™?

The Grammar Punk™ Programs are sold in a kit format and includes everything you need—no further purchases necessary. Each 4-9 and 9-12 program of grammar lessons, grammar exercises, English, and ELL games contain everything an individual teacher needs to teach their Language Arts students for an entire year. The Grammar Punk™ 4-9 and 9-12 Programs come complete with 5 basic elements: Teacher resources, student resources and worksheets, interaction tools (Grammar Punk™ Dice and Cards), and an introductory how-to CD. There are no further purchases necessary to teach every ―It (Grammar Punk™) is [an] excellent, all around, non-threatening approach to grammar! Classroom to after school GT.‖ — J. Prerate

Why play grammar games with your students?

A. Making grammar lessons fun allows students to practice as well as internalize rules and procedures as a natural extension of their writing process. Because the grammar lesson is disguised as a ―word game‖ students are much more motivated to ―play.‖ In addition, because students are more focused on their own performance and classroom competition the grammar lessons are absorbed and become part of student repertoire. The introduction of grammar play in the classroom may also foster teacher-student as well as peer- to- peer bonding and cooperation. A healthy sense of competition will also be fostered in the classroom. And because game play adds fun and laughter to a classroom, students will want to play more, which only reinforces the grammar lessons through sheer repetition. ―Grammar Punk makes teaching/learning fun for all.‖ —Adrienne J.

What kinds of grammar games work best in the classroom?

A. When choosing grammar games for your classroom beware of games that are intended only as ―time-fillers‖ and do not also affect or improve student writing. Simple, entertaining games may be entertaining and enjoyable to students, but game-play in classrooms should also teach. Because each and every grammar lesson in the Grammar Punk™ programs revolve around the interplay of dice and cards which introduce and constantly reinforce the grammatical elements, Grammar Punk™ feels like a game, but teaches every step of the way. ―Grammar is boring—this isn’t! Why didn’t I think of this! Just catching my kids off guard with GP will be a kick!‖ —Eric Kay

Why did you create a K-3 Curriculum?

A. You talked, we listened. We heard from so many teachers at education conferences that there is very little out there in the way of creative, fun-to-use, and effective grammar programs for the youngest students—so we made one! Grammar Punk™ is proud to introduce grammar, punctuation, and language arts Grammar Punk™™ style for your youngest students. K-3 begins at the beginning with student/teacher worksheets, dice and tons of fun, colorful, and best of all 106 NEW cards! ―Grammar Punk™ helps my 2nd graders be confident writers, confident spellers, and confident thinkers. It will help them with capitalization, grammar usage, punctuation, listening, speaking, presenting and penmanship.‖ —Barbie S.

What’s in the Grammar Punk™ K-3 Elementary Curriculum, Dice and Elementary Card Program?

A. The GP™ K-3 Curriculum, Dice, and Elementary Card Program creatively introduces students to consonants, vowels, words, words into sentences, as well as the basic rules of grammar and punctuation, while introducing and reinforcing strong writing skills. And so much more. What GP™ K-3 is really about is WORDS; the love of words, the passion for words, and the eagerness to impart that love of learning about words to your students. GP™ K-3 has a strong emphasis on introducing word creation, vocabulary building, critical thinking, building logic and problem-solving skills, strengthening writing skills and most of all, FUN. The fun is built right into the program with activities, games, puzzles and challenges interspersed among the daily lessons. The GP™ K-3 program comes complete with two sets of 3 specialized dice, over 170 pages of lessons, exercises and activities, and 106 Story Cards, specifically designed to enhance word building, and generate beginning writing skills. ―This is an excellent way to teach spelling and punctuation. I teach 1st gr. and we like rhyming words!‖ —Julie S.

How is Grammar Punk™ K-3 Elementary different from the Grammar Punk™ 4-9 Intermediate Curriculum?

A. K-3 simply begins earlier in the process. The lessons begin with the discovery of letters, (consonants and vowels) then letters into words and words into sentences and on to beginning writing. Along with the Grammar Punk™ Dice and the K-3 cards, the youngest students can explore language, grammar, and punctuation the Grammar Punk™ way. ―Grammar Punk is amazing in my classroom. My second graders have a wonderful time with the dice and learning in a fun way.‖ —Jacinda W.

Q. What will the GP 4-9 Curriculum, Dice and Story Card Program do for my elementary or middle school classroom?

A. Beginning with words (compound, capitalization, prefix, suffix, and root), words into sentences, (clauses and phrases, sentence structure, sentence type), parts of speech and punctuation, (concrete, abstract, proper nouns and pronouns; action and helping verbs; adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, interjections and conjunctions; to 10 punctuation symbols); writing skills (topic sentence, writing for an audience, sentence fluency, and poetry. Grammar Punk™ 4-9 also includes a section of ELL lessons and games. Add to that the nearly endless writing exercises possible with the GP 4-9 Story Cards), the Grammar Punk™ 4-9 Curriculum, Dice and Story Card Program will also build a variety of skills with an assortment of games, challenges and exercises designed to remind students (and teachers) that anything to do with words and language is fun. Grammar Punk™ 4-9 makes the same old grammar lessons feel more like play than learning. “Grammar Punk helps spice up my classroom and brings some more fun into the day.” –Marty L. The Grammar Punk™ 9-12 Secondary Curriculum and Dice Program

Q. What will the Grammar Punk™ 9-12 Secondary Curriculum and Dice Program do for my high school classroom?

A. The Grammar Punk™ 9-12 Curriculum and Dice Program will provide a thorough and comprehensive review of Language Arts, (everything from alliteration, agreement, and contractions to gerunds and participles), the 8 parts of speech and punctuation (covered intensively in the Grammar Punk™ 9-12 Primer and through additional peer-editing lessons), with an emphasis on propagating strong writing skills (metaphor, topic sentences, theme, poetry and business letters) and enough challenges and games to keep student interest and enthusiasm. Grammar Punk™ 9-12 also includes a section of ELL lessons and games. “Grammar Punk is a great way to incorporate capitalization, punctuation and spelling into sentence writing.” –Judy D.

Q. Which Grammar Punk™ products will I need for my classroom?

A. The Grammar Punk™ 9-12 Secondary Curriculum and Dice Program will comfortably accommodate students from grades 7 – 12. The language, intent, and lesson-type assumes at least a general familiarity with the subject matter. The Grammar Punk™ 9-12 Curriculum and Dice Program is also in use in freshman and sophomore college courses. The Grammar Punk™ 4-9 Intermediate Curriculum, Dice and Story Card Program is a highly adaptable program geared to beginning and intermediate students. Because it so thoroughly covers a wide range of Language Arts skills and core concepts (six traits, writing skills and critical thinking), Grammar Punk™ 4-9 is appropriate in elementary as well as a middle school setting, depending on the scholastic level of a particular classroom. The Grammar Punk™ K-3 Elementary Curriculum, Dice and Elementary Card Program is a great way to begin your student’s grammar instruction. Because it is at this early stage that students learn to loathe—or love—the act of writing. K-3 introduces the concepts piece by piece, bit by bit, depending on student’s capabilities. It also offers tools to make the learning fun and approachable. The GP Creative: A Creative Writing Course offers an inclusive itinerary appropriate to beginning writers, introducing them to the concepts of characterization, dialogue, voice, and emotion; setting, mood, and atmosphere; conflict, suspense and denouement; to editing, critique, (giving and taking), first and final drafts, to writer’s block. TheWriter is an invaluable asset to any Language Arts classroom. As with all of the Grammar Punk™ products, the instruction emphasis is on the student’s own writing. TheWriter includes a set of GP Creative cards, and a streamlined, version of writing tips, suggestions and inspiration. If you have ever heard, ―I don’t know what to write about,‖ from your students, you need TheWriter.

GP Creative: A Creative Writing Course

Q. What will GP Creative do for my creative writing class?

A. GP Creative is a comprehensive, step-by-step, imaginative, informative, hands-on, innovative, (dare we say) creative approach to a notoriously difficult subject. Along with the brain-storming, idea-generating, inspiration-inspiring GP Creative Cards (Genre, Character, Location, Emotion, and Situation, GP Creative will enthuse students who are already interested in writing and motivate those who aren’t quite sure yet. The GP Creative Cards offer students (and teachers) a dizzying, nearly infinite array of creativity-inspiring, plot-building, imagination-stirring ideas that will enable them to incorporate the concepts learned in the lessons and activities. “It’s about time someone came up with this idea!! Thank you!” –Carolyn H.

Q. My students are just beginning the creative writing process, is GP Creative too advanced for them?

A. Beginning with basic (very basic) characterization, then moving on to such writing staples as setting, mood, suspense, conflict, and denouement, students at all stages of writing experience will be able to learn from GP Creative.

Q. I don’t teach a Creative Writing Course. Why would I need GP Creative?

A. The short answer to that question is this: writing. Writing skills are an essential part of each and every student’s repertoire, and it has become an overriding concern to those in education that student’s are leaving school with lackadaisical, even substandard writing skills. GP Creative will provide ideas, information, and stimulation for all types of writing. The GP Creative cards alone offer a nearly infinite number and variety of idea-generating topics that students love and will save you, the teachers, from that dreaded question, ―But what do I write about?‖ Therefore, if you’re just looking for a fun addition to any classroom, may we suggest: “Grammar Punk gets the students to interact and it is easier to teach than most other programs.” –Aja W. TheWriter

Q. What is the difference between GP Creative and TheWriter?

A. TheWriter is a streamlined, cut-to-the-basics, fundamental version of GP Creative. Chock full of quotes from a dizzyingly wide array of writers, writing exercise suggestions, and mustknow writer-type information, comes complete with a set of GP Creative cards, Genre, Location, Emotion, Character Cards, Plot Twists + Expository cards that are available nowhere else. The Writer also includes a section on Expository writing and includes Expository Cards, which offer ideas, concepts, and examples of the many types of expository writing. Because writers write. “M. S. kids love it, and it reinforces the editing process!” –Cheryl M. 12 Tall Tales

Q. What is 12 Tall Tales?

A. From the people who put the fun into Grammar comes a game that will add fun to your classroom or your home. 12 Tall Tales is a word game that combines the fun of word games with the added challenge of an English sentence writing game.

Q. How do you play 12 Tall Tales?

A. 12 Tall Tales is played in 12 unique levels. Each level requires players to write sentences that meet specific requirements dictated by the Level, the Grammar Punk™ Dice, and five different categories of 12 Tall Tales Cards (Genre, Character, Emotion, Location, and Rhetoric I, II, and III). To add to the fun, each level also has options to increase the complexity and difficulty of the sentence called Risk Factors. Risk Factors are a fun way to increase the level difficulty and earn the player extra points. As players reach the eighth level, players will be required to combine sentences to form a very short story—or Tale. The 12 Tall Tale author’s add inspiration and literary allusions.

Q. What age groups can play 12 Tall Tales?

A. 12 Tall Tales is highly adaptable to any age group because the player chooses for themselves the difficulty for each level. Since each Level has its own characteristics, 12 Tall Tales is never boring! And because the fun comes from each player’s imagination and creativity, it’s never the same twice. Beginning writers are challenged by it, intermediate writers revel in it, advanced (or AP) writers absolutely love it!

Q. How can I use 12 Tall Tales in my classroom?

A. Because 12 Tall Tales is played in levels you can use them as ―mini-lessons.‖

Q. How do I adapt 12 Tall Tales play to a classroom full of students?

A. We recommend you play with the students in rows. If your classroom is arranged in rows of students you can have each row of students use the same card choices, etc. We recommend that the teacher roll the dice for each level. Teacher, you can roll the dice for each row of students or roll once for the entire class.

Q. How can I play 12 Tall Tales with my younger students?

A. Because the basic play is very doable for even the youngest students, 12 Tall Tales is perfect for nearly any age and education level.

Q. Will my AP students enjoy 12 Tall Tales?

A. Because the sentences will always be of the students own creation, 12 Tall Tales is a great challenge for even the brightest students. And wait until they see the Rhetoric Cards. Beginning with concepts like Synonyms, Alliteration, and Personification, moving up to, Litotes, Antanaclasis, and Synecdoche, then on to Brachylogia, Enantiosis, and Hypozeuxis! The 12 Tall Tales (optional) Risk Factors will challenge even the most stalwart of word geeks.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Both the Grammar Punk™ 4-9 and 9-12 programs come complete with a tutorial CD, (tucked in the pocket at the front of your binder.) These CDs contain everything you need to know to get started with the programs. The step-by-step tutorials will walk you through getting started, day to day use, and ideas for creative variations. The Grammar Punk™ 4-9 Story Cards booklet is a beginners approach to creative and expository writing. The Story Card Booklet will walk students (and teachers) through the basics of story-telling, beginning with words into sentences, sentences into scenes, and scenes into stories. It will also offer instruction for using the Story Cards. The Story Cards an endless array of creative input and story-starters. GP Creative™ is written in day-to-day lesson format that takes the students through the basics of creative storytelling, beginning with the crafting of character, genre, emotion, setting, creating suspense, and denouement. The curriculum also has a nifty and comprehensive Glossary to ensure everyone is on the same page right from the beginning. Each lesson dictates the usage of the GP Creative™ Cards. TheWriter™ is a streamlined version of a creative writing course. It is written in a straightforward, easy to follow format designed to enable new, intermediate, and experience writers to explore the elements of creative and expository writing. Written in mini-lesson format, the usage of TheWriter Cards is dictated throughout the book. Grammar Punk™ is truly one of the most innovative and adaptable Language Arts products out there. With Grammar Punk™ you will make the teaching experience your own, using your own style, creating your own environment, reaching your own students in your own way—the Grammar Punk™ way. We also have created several How-To videos. Go to our site and check them out. “Grammar Punk expands vocabulary and effectively teaches punctuation.” —Shawn H. “It is adaptable to any level (k-12). It actively involves/engages students in learning and using their own writing, AND it is affordable.” –Vickie B. GP Homework™ — A bonus program included with the Grammar Punk™ 4-9 and 9-12 programs

Q. What will GP Homework™ do for my high school or middle school classroom?

A. GP Homework™ was created to supplement the Grammar Punk™ Curriculum and Dice Program experience by reiterating, reinforcing and reviewing the rules, conventions and applications of basic grammar and punctuation. Because students will tackle the exercises at their own pace, in their own environment, they can become more comfortable and conversant with the concepts. “Grammar Punk is an excellent quick daily lesson for individual or group learning.” –Janet J.

Q. How will GP Homework™ help my students?

A. Because you know your students better than anyone, you will be aware which students might not be ―getting it‖ during regular class time. By assigning a set number of sentences as ―homework‖, you can ensure that every student stays current with the rest of the class. And best of all, GP Homework™ is fun.

Q. How many questions from GP Homework™ should I assign at one time?

A. Because GP Homework™ is intended to reinforce, not discourage, we suggest no more than 5 questions from each category (Rules, Challenges and Fun) per session.

Q. Can I use GP Homework™ in my classroom?

A. GP Homework™ can be a fun addition to regular classroom time. It can also be a great way to reinforce specific aspects of grammar and punctuation instruction. Grammar Punk™ is closely aligned with Bloom’s Taxonomy! 1. Knowledge: arrange, define, duplicate, label, list, memorize, name, order, recognize, relate, recall, repeat, reproduce state. 2. Comprehension: classify, describe, discuss, explain, express, identify, indicate, locate, recognize, report, restate, review, select, translate, 3. Application: apply, choose, demonstrate, dramatize, employ, illustrate, interpret, operate, practice, schedule, sketch, solve, use, write. 4. Analysis: analyze, appraise, calculate, categorize, compare, contrast, criticize, differentiate, discriminate, distinguish, examine, experiment, question, test. 5. Synthesis: arrange, assemble, collect, compose, construct, create, design, develop, formulate, manage, organize, plan, prepare, propose, set up, write. 6. Evaluation: appraise, argue, assess, attach, choose compare, defend estimate, judge, predict, rate, core, select, support, value, evaluate.