4-9 Intermediate Program

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The GP™ 4-9 Intermediate Dice & Story Cards Program offers a strong emphasis on vocabulary building, critical thinking, building logic and problem-solving skills. Because every lesson revolves around the students own writing (steered by the GP dice) students will simultaneously strengthen writing skills while assimilating the grammar rules.

Each worksheet contains an introduction to. the lesson with: stated objectives that briefly outline the goals and purpose for the exercise, brief, at-a-glance summary detailing the requirements of the lesson, step-by-step procedures, a clearly stated purpose. 

The GP™ 4-9 Intermediate Dice & Story Cards Program comes complete with:

  • Full set of printed, reproducible, classroom set curriculum
  • 1 set of specialized, carefully crafted, (so many variables of possible possibilities) Grammar Punk Dice: Alphabet, Vowel, Grammar, Punctuation, Number and Idea (who, what, when, where, why and how!).
  • 1 set of colorful, imaginative, slightly silly GP™ 4-9 Intermediate Story Cards which provide endless writing prompts to address that age-old query… But what am I supposed to write about? The GP™ 4-9 Intermediate 4-9 Story cards are already cut, laminated and ready to use—no templates!  
  • 1 Tutorial slideshow (on USB stick) to get you started

In other words… Everything you need to teach a year’s worth of basic grammar, punctuation, Language Arts and creative writing in one fell swoop.