9-12 Secondary Program

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Grammar Punk™ 9-12 provides a thorough and comprehensive review of Language Arts subjects, (everything from alliteration, agreement, and contractions to gerunds and participles), the 8 parts of speech and basic punctuation. All with an emphasis on propagating strong writing skills (metaphor, topic sentences, theme, poetry and business letters) and enough challenges and games to keep student interest and enthusiasm.

And because every lesson, every sentence is created by students using their own imaginations, things can get out of hand—in the best way possible.

Each worksheet contains an introduction to. the lesson with: stated objectives that briefly outline the goals and purpose for the exercise, brief, at-a-glance summary detailing the requirements of the lesson, step-by-step procedures, a clearly stated purpose . 

The GP™ 9-12 Secondary Curriculum, Dice & IDEA Cards Program comes complete with:

  • 1 Full set of 9-12 Secondary printed, reproducible, classroom set curriculum
  • 1 set of specialized, carefully crafted, (so many variables of possible possibilities) Grammar Punk Dice: Alphabet, Vowel, Grammar, Punctuation, Number and Idea (who, what, when, where, why and how!).
  • 1 set of colorful, imaginative, challenging GP™ 9-12 Secondary IDEA Cards which, great writing prompts. The kit includes the Rhetorical Cards, fiendishly, tricky thought-provoking sentence-creating, story-prompting that will challenge even the most adroit student.
  • 1 Tutorial slideshow (on USB stick) to get you started

The Grammar Punk™ Programs allow grades 9-12 to stretch their vocabularies, explore their creativity, and really soar with word choice and sentence structure while giving them something to write about.