Constructing Writers™

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A fun little book and big fat stack of cards filled to the brim with words of all sorts, ideas of all kinds, nuggets of wisdom from those who know, and the sheer unadulterated, unmitigated, unquenchable love of writing.

  • Over 120 Pages Full of Writer How-Tos, Tips & Worksheets!
  • Over 125 Laminated Cut & Ready To Use Cards!
  • Loaded With "Story Starters" To Give Writers Ideas!
  • The Writer is "The Perfect Companion To GP 9-12"

Constructing Writers™ is chock full of quotes from a dizzyingly wide array of writers, step-by-step writing instruction, writing exercise suggestions, challenges, tips, and inspiration. Constructing Writers™ is a great addition to any classroom; a refresher for experienced writers, perfect for writing exercises, and ideal for personal use.

The Constructing Writers™ cards offer a nearly infinite number and variety of idea-generating topics. This stack of brightly colored, highly imaginative cards used in an endless array of variations will send imaginations soaring, creativity flying, and the urge to write impossible to resist.