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GP Flash!™ was created for those teachers with students who need a grammar refresher, are just getting into grammar, or who want to fit grammar into their day in their own style. 

1 Copyrighted GP Flash!™ Program: Over 200 pages of basic grammar worksheets, activities, challenges and games.

1 GP Flash!™ Primer: A brilliant little packet of basic grammar, including the 8 parts of speech and basic punctuation symbols. The Grammar Punk™ Primer is a reproducible resource that contains clear and understandable definitions of basic grammar and punctuation rules, Grammar Punk™ examples, parts of speech word examples, and space for student’s own unique sentences. By going through this booklet with students and each student keeping their copy as a resource until they have the rules down cold, those rules will become part of their repertoires

1 PowerPoint GP Flash!™ Get Writing! Creative Writing Prompt Program: This fun and interactive program walks students through the concept of story creation, one element at a time.

1 set of six specialized Grammar Punk Dice: